Urban tourism or you can also say City tourism is a type of tourism located in the large human agglomerations, usually in the main cities of each country.

According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), urban tourism is defined as "a type of tourism activity which takes place in an urban space with its inherent attributes characterized by non-agricultural based economy such as administration, manufacturing, trade and services and by being nodal points of transport. Urban/city destinations offer a broad and heterogeneous range of cultural, architectural, technological, social and natural experiences and products for leisure and business"

There are different activities carried out by city tourists, among them the visit to buildings within a city, such as Extreme Pogo, Fashion Tours, Freestyle Scootering, Ghetto Tourism, Industrial Tours, Parkour, Personalized gifts, Scooter Tours, Segways, Shopping Tours, Sightseeing Cruises, Skateboarding, Skyscraper Tours, Street luge, Urban Exploration, Walking with some historical interest, monuments and memorials, cemeteries, etc.

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