Touring around the world for shopping can be a therapeutic effect for those who practice it making it a preferred way of spending (literally) leisure time. Global metropolises around the world have their commercial centers ready to cater to the itinerant shopper any day of the year.

Some of the best examples:

Hong Kong – the market district of Hong Kong island is busy all year round catering to shopping tourists from around the whole wide world, so much, that there are even guided tours to take you around the best high-end stores that offer nothing but the finest high-end stores around, they definitively know in what you should be spending.

New York City being the shopping capital of the world, it is not surprising that it is chockful of guides ready to take you on a tour around NYC's go-to shopping spots. There's more than enough to cater to every taste imaginable and then some within the big apple. The tours can show you around on foot, hopping on hopping off on the subway, or by leasing you your very own stretch limousine for transport with so much room to place all of your bags in. Fans of the worldwide hit sec and the city have the opportunity of getting on a thematic tour that will have them visit Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda's approved shops with the same glamour as seen on tv. 

Tokyo - neon lights and a whole lot of style is what Tokyo is all about. The gigantic shops that exude personality and style will have you dazzled with the staggering variety of things they got ready to offer. For electronics, head to Akihabara.

Alternative fashion, Shibuya and Harajuku are the worldwide capitals of that. 

Dubai - Home to the world's most massive shopping center with more than 600 stores that pretty much doubles as a park for the number of attractions it features inside. Just Visiting Dubai Mall counts as shopping tourism in and out of itself, you'll need an entire day dedicated solely to exploring this leviathan of a shopping center, beware of the massive crowds too.

Rome – Italy – When in Rome do as the Romans and get some of the finest shoes there are. Millan maybe Italy's fashion capital but Rome is no stranger to high-quality label names, especially when talking about shoes. You can pick up a pair from the most recognized names worldwide: Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Gucci.

Alternatively, you can take a guided tour that will take you along stone roads leading to secret shop where discrete and skillful shoemakers still labor employing the most traditional skills passed from master to apprentice centuries ago and ask for one of their finest pair which won’t be cheap.