Industrial tourism is nothing more than traveling towards a destination which is industrial facilities of extraordinary relevancy. It’s not a new concept by any means, even schools routinely organize trips towards industrial sites to educate young minds about the production of goods. Recently industrial tours have gained a rather surprising level of popularity thanks to what appears to be a revival of the entrepreneurial spirit worldwide. 

Of course, the most sought-after destinations of industrial tourism are considred to be the cities that have a solid, fully functional industrial capacity at their disposal which is sought to be studied up close by the industrial tourist for learning purposes. The cities that excel at industrial tourism are located in the developed world: Japan, United Kingdom, United States, and Germany being the heaviest players in which culture and work ethic have to lead them to become the leading productive forces worldwide. China’s and India’s industrial capacity have had explosive growth in recent years, also Central European countries are catching up too and showing remarkable potential.

The destinations also must have the capabilities to receive tourists. Scheduled visits, visitors centers filled with relevant information, qualified staff for managing tourists, on-site tourist services, and overall ease of reaching the facilities and tour stations, all must be tightly coordinated to make possible to attract visitors for a long time.