Being literally the highest, most salient feature, skyscrapers help the tourists to observe the skyline of the city. No surprise that skyscrapers themselves are attractions for some tourists to visit and to see just how great the view is at the top. Skyscraper is more than just a way to stack office space and living quarters, they are a symbol for the economic prosperity of the city that enabled the city in which they are located to erect them in the first place. Scyscrappers are the celebration of the constructive ingenuity, engineering capabilities, and architectural creativity, techniques, and sense of refinement. Despite this, some tourists put off  this enormous towers from their tourist shedule since they find being constricted to the inside of them akin to being trapped, coming to blows with the apparently instinctual belief that to be ‘at leisure’ is synonym of vast open horizontal space on which to roam, making skyscraper tourism more of a niche thing.