Fashion tourism is basically a synonym of traveling to France. Paris is the place, where the concept of fashion was born, raised, and exported throughout the world. It is in the magical French capital where the progenitors of modern fashion established the trend that defined generations whose influence is still being felt. The famous bands continue carrying their names and philosophy of style. Coco Channels, Yves Saint-Laurent, and Christian Dior are just a few of them revolutionized the dress codes worldwide and created a culture that transcends all borders and attracts people from all nations, their influence cannot be understated. Fashion tourism is made to attract young and old fashion connoisseurs to the capital of love to keep them up to date with the sometimes radical and unexpected changes. The multi-billion dollar industry is always hard at work to offer some of the most Avant grade style along with celebrations of the classic with a more modern and functional touch. Though often accused of being purely commercially-driven the artistic spirit of the  fashion industry is everpresent, catering to the most wild visually delighting fantasies of people. Sometimes clients can’t seem to get away of the influence of Parisian and French culture impose on them with the enviable cultural refinement they have always been known for. Fashion tourism aims to take tourists to experience firsthand the events unfolding on the latest season’s runways.  Then tourists can head to the fashion boutiques and stores that are ubiquitous on the city of Paris to claim the latest designs. As there’s little that can get in the way of people’s desire to feel beautiful, accepted, up-to-date, admired, and socially relevant, there are next to nothing that can stop the fashion industry of providing them with a way to achieve just that through magnificent clothing.