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Central America is the portion of the North American continent, connected with the South America on its southeast. While visiting Central America you can organize tours to Costa Rica, Belize, to El Salvador, Guatemala, to Nicaragua, Honduras and to Panama. Mexico has the borders with Central America. Some of the states of Central America have the borders with the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

If you have the thrilling idea of climbing the volcano you have to visit Guatemala. There's nothing as original as climbing the edges of an active volcano or looking down into the crater. These experiences can be possible while climbing Pacaya Volcano. You can also climb such volcanoes as Acatenango, Agua, Tajumulco or Santa María.

If you prefer horseback riding you may visit the Cayo District. You can combine your rides with the visits to the waterfalls in the jungles or to the Maya ruins. Mountain Equestrian possesses the best trails perfect for horse-riding in the Cayo District.

Running the whole length of the country's seashore, the Belize Barrier Reef is considered to be the second-longest unceasing barrier reef on our planet. Here you can find the best snorkeling and scuba-diving opportunities in the world. Whether it's shallow water snorkeling over the corals, or scuba diving with real whale sharks in Gladden Spit, all the opportunities are always satisfying.

The roads and rural paths of Guatemala are considered to be the perfect place for detailed exploration. So while visiting Guatemala you can choose any activity from ridge riding between little villages to the ascending or descending of a volcano.

Rich with wildlife and home to cultural groups like the Pech, Miskito, Tawahkas or Garífuna, Central America's biggest territory of rainforests is outstanding. Local guides can assist in your desire of exploring the wetlands, swamps, grasslands, beaches or lagoons.

Parque Nacional El Imposible is the most famous national park which is dotted with waterfalls, tropical vegetation, streams and natural swimming holes. Here you can visit the small city Tacuba, which serves as a huge base camp for hiking expeditions.

Bird watching is the activity worth to be tried in Central America. The best places for bird watching are Cerro Azul, Lago de Yojoa, Celaque, Lancetilla. More than 400 of birds can be found in Central America. If you are a photographer this is a great place to take perfect photos for sale or for presentation purposes.

You can try canyoning in Costa Rica which comprises hiking along the rivers and along the creeks of the mountain canyons. Of course you can organize small breaks for rappelling down the face of a beautiful waterfall, jumping off a rock into a pool, or floating down a rapid.

While being in Costa Rica, you receive the chance to pock around in the unusual mangrove swamps, to go fishing in the estuaries, to watch dolphins in the bay.

The exceptional escapade to swing through high treetops on the canopy tour is becoming more popular. After a spirited climb using ascenders, you can move from treetop to treetop while hanging from a cable. You can organize canopy tours throughout Central America in its thick forest vegetation.

Leisure destinations in Central America

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