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Our Earth, also known as the World, Terra or Gaia, is the third planet in its distance to the Sun, being the largest one among other terrestrial planets of the Solar System. Nowadays only Earth is considered to be the object in the Solar System known for its ability to accommodate life.

Four complex systems work together on Earth: life, air, water and rocks known also as biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and geosphere. It’s interesting to know that the process of moving energy and matter from one sphere to another is called the sphere interaction. Surely life, water, air and rocks interact and affect each other greatly.

We’re the humans, only one element of the complex biosphere, but we affect all the spheres in a unique way. Our Earth comprises about 6 billion human beings and each person affects all the systems at a definite level every day. May be your interaction is not so tremendous, but when it’s increased to 6 billion, it becomes unbelievable!

This site is created for those people who want to feel themselves the part of the complex system known as Earth and to answer the question how the World is being changed and what the peculiarities of life on it are.

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