Our Antarctic shore excursions allow you to get close to ice and nature and see wildlife such as fur and elephant seals, black-browed albatrosses, cape petrels, giant petrels, Antarctic prions, rockhopper penguins, and reindeer.


The number of shore excursions you can expect will vary depending on board which type of ship you choose to spend your Antarctica experience. The smaller research and expedition ships try to allow you to spend as much time as possible off the ship. Shore excursions will take place on sturdy, inflatable Zodiac boats with small groups of around 10-12 people.

Some expedition liners also have Zodiacs, but will have more limited opportunities to make shore excursions due to the larger number of people on board.

You would normally break into small excursion groups which share similar interests – you choose which group you’d like to go with at each outing.

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