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Trekking is a kind of activity in which people like to trip through rural, rugged regions of the world. To get from place to place people sometimes combine trekking with such kinds of sports as backpacking or rock climbing.

          Trekking differs from other kinds of activity and possesses its own peculiarities as it depends greatly on weather, topography of the region than on hotel presence or its comfort. Trekkers always move only on foot and it gives them perfect possibility to be delighted with marvelous sceneries of the region. To visit isolated unique place of wild nature is more interesting for trekkers than to travel to popularized destinations. To climb a rock or to navigate through a mountain permit trekkers to communicate with untouched pieces of our planet.

          People can go trekking in any less-visited area of the world, but there are some regions that are rather popular with the trekkers, for e.x. the Andes in South America, the Himalayas in Asia.

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Casablanca, Casablanca 25250

Our Antarctic shore excursions allow you to get close to ice and nature and see wildlife such as fur and elephant seals, black-browed albatrosses, cape petrels, giant petrels, Antarctic prions, rockhopper penguins, and reindeer.

Mount Olympus is probably one of the most famous mountains in the world and if you are a fan of Greek mythology then this is not be missed off your itinerary.

See the spectacular Greenland Ice cap close by
Experience untouched Greenland nature by trekking on foot


Hiking the surreal terrain of the Arctic and Antarctica

Hiking and snowshoeing in Antarctica are both fun and cost effective ways to see more of this glittering continent, and a great workout to boot.

Fire meets ice at the southernmost volcano on Earth.

Mirror-like lakes, glaciers, jagged peaks, alpine forests, and oodles of sunshine make St. Moritz one of the world's top mountain destinations and a must-have on your list of things to do in Switzerland.

Palatial hotels and pricey restaurants are par for the course at this chic resort town, which has ho


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ski mountaineering trips give you an invigorating up-close experience of the rugged peaks and majestic mountains flanking the high Arctic fjords.