See the spectacular Greenland Ice cap close by Experience untouched Greenland nature by trekking on foot


This is a true wilderness Greenland trekking trip, where we will only sleep in tents. We will carry everything we need for the whole trip in our backpacks. We will be hiking almost the entire time within the new Unesco World Heritage landscape of Aasivissuit-Nipisat. This trek will go through very untouched nature, and we are likely to encounter animals such as Reindeer, Musk-Oxes, Polar Foxes, and numerous bird species. We will start our hike northwards with spectacular views of the Greenland ice cap. After hiking northwards for a day, we will turn to the west and hike for 4 days through the untouched wilderness and end up at the Unesco World Heritage site of Aassivisuit. Together with an experienced Arctic Nature Guide, you will on this trekking tour have a unique chance to experience the untouched nature of Greenland, but also the ancient Unesco cultural heritage of the Inuits.

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