General & leisure aviation denotes the different civilian air activities other than commercial transport. It comprises business aviation, leisure aviation (tourism), sports aviation (Aerobatics, Air combat, Air shows, Aircraft spotting, Airplane tours, Airport lounges, Aviation historical tours, Aviation Modelling, Flying lessons, Hall Hiking, Helicopter tours, Military Air flights, Seaplane tours, and finally work in the Warbird flights).

Most general aviation flights are made according to the visual flight principle, which enables these aircraft to land at most airports.

Some air shows are held as a business venture or as a trade event where aircraft, avionics and other services are promoted to potential customers. Many air shows are held in support of local, national or military charities. Military air firms often organise air shows at military airfields as a public relations exercise to thank the local community, promote military careers and raise the profile of the military.

The first public international air show, at which many types of aircraft were displayed and flown, was the Grande Semaine d'Aviation de la Champagne, which was held Aug. 22–29, 1909 in Reims. This had been preceded by what may have been the first ever gathering of enthusiasts, June 28 – July 19 of the same year at the airfield at La Brayelle, near Douai.


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