Air combat is a unique adrenaline filled activity that has you flying in real planes…yep you’re not in a game this time. You ride passenger in very real dog fighting scenarios, with the exceptions of missiles and bullets since their use is seen as dangerous (no idea why), and have the opportunity to be taught basic fighter pilot manoeuvres. Under the very watchful eye of your expert combat pilot you will experience nothing like you ever have before in SIAI Marchetti aircrafts or the Extra 300L as well as sporting the real flight gear.

Upon arrival a pre-flight briefing takes place so you can settle your nerves down and get all the health and safety out of the way, then you will embark on a real air combat mission that takes you on 5-6 dogfights. With your testicles in your chest you will be given a complimentary recording of the whole event with on board cameras as a souvenir.