Heli hiking refers to the activity in which helicopters are used to access otherwise non-accessible, remote areas for hiking such as back country. It affords the hikers the opportunity to reach high places with ease and relative comfort. Heli-hiking gives hikers opportunity to not only get an amazing and unique perspective of the landscape from the sky but then also to see the same landscape up close when walking through it. Glaciers, wetlands, forests and mountains all make popular heli-hiking destinations. There are two main forms of heli-hiking that have become popular in today’s climate:

  • Hikers are flown by helicopter to a location that will act as their base for multiple days. All walks and trails start from this location and they will be flown back from this location at the end of their stay.
  • Hikers are flown to the start of their trail, they walk their chosen path and then are picked up and flown out at the end of the walk.

Some hikers want to experience a human-powered adventure, but for those instances where they need to reach the top of a mountain from a valley with all their gear, it can be better to use a helicopter for this part of the journey.

Hiking is an activity for all the family and encourages exploring the outdoors. Hiking vacations are plentiful and varied and can be tailored to the family’s fitness and walking experience. Some families are there for the walk and getting it done whereas some are there for the leisure of it, taking their time and stopping at lakes to skip stones, this can all be decided by you. For families that have a mix of either experience or age, heli-hiking can be perfect to get those who are very young up to the heights without having to over exert themselves. It also acts as a fantastic team building exercise, from having to navigate from location to location and staying on track to the down time at the camp playing games, chatting and cooking together.