You can reach the real ingenuity for flying through a vast collection of aircraft. Test your handling over flight control with simulators that recreate the experience of piloting real airplanes or helicopters.

Flying seemed to be only a fever dream for most people during the humanity’s history. Aviation historical tours can comprise watching the work of pioneering, groundbreaking models, and alternative creations. Lay eyes upon aircrafts that have changed the world and the people behind them through the exhibitions.

Depending on the academic level, the topic of study, and group size, tour on historical aviation will include guiding, exploring of stations, teacher-explained exposition of destinations and more.

The content of tours can be varied by topic and academic level, but all of them are featured by:

-         Historic aircraft’s observation.

-         Interpretation of historical and/or scientific significance of selected aircraft.

-         Walkthrough the aircraft’s cockpits.

-         Demonstrations of aircraft’s functions and aerodynamics.

Following their tours and selected hands-on programs, tourist groups are invited to explore aviation exhibits more closely under the supervision of a teacher or chaperone.  Historical tours include popular exhibits with flight simulators, aircraft cockpits, aircraft observation, historical places, and aviation plans.

Afterward, the group is invited to explore the exhibits more closely being supervised by teachers and personnel. Historical models, aircraft cockpits, aviation plans, and flight simulators are all the part of the aviation tour experience.