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No matter what abilities you possess, what tastes you have, Canada has its activities for all of us. You even don’t have to drive for several days in order to find it. The fact that Canadians headed the medals table in the Winter Olympics (2010) shows that the specialization of this country can be found in winter sports – skating, ice-climbing, downhill, cross country skiing. Hiking is also the national obsession, especially such as gritty backcountry hiking, which can be spread over several days with observing more animals than other people. Adventurous kinds of activities can be found closer to big cities that are located in the bucolic pockets of the South of Canada - kayaking on the quiet lakes, sailing all around the Gulf Islands near Vancouver, cycling through the wine region of Canada.

Winter Activities

The Canadian Rockies are considered to be the best place for participating in winter activities, especially Canadian skiing. The Rocky Mountains are well known for the perfect alpine skiing runs and for the best resort towns. Lake Louise, Jasper and Banff are famous skiing locations in the Rockies. Also you can find not so crowded runs, but they are a bit smaller. Ski touring, off-spite skiing, backcountry skiing can help to explore the mountains for finding the best snow conditions. If you choose ski touring you have to possess physical stamina and the knowledge of all survival techniques. If you’re looking for pristine snow for heli-skiing, you’ll obviously find it in British and Alberta Columbia.

Canadian heli-snowboarding and snowboarding are very popular winter activities especially while you’re visiting the Alberta or British Columbia. Canadian skiboarding and monoskiing are also famous alpine sports. For years the natives used tobogganing  as the means of winter transportation in Canada. Nowadays toboganning has become the part of winter activities that is rather enjoyable for adults and children alike. If you want to organize a family outing or a kind of romantic getaway, sleigh rides will be the best vehicle for you.   You’ll receive unforgettable impressions after the evening ride through the beauties of winter nature and you’ll remember the special noise of the snow that crunches under the sleigh runners. Kicksledding is also gaining its popularity as the Canadian winter activity.

Winter activities are the best way for pushing your limits. Bobosledding is the type of activity for those who need the speed. Bobsledding tracks in the Calgary Olympic Park are accessible for sledding to the public. Summer jumping or ski jumping are the sports for getting your juices to flow.

Snowkiting in Canada is a kind of offshoot of kitesurfing. As usual it’s performed on the frozen bodies of the water. Also you can go travelling uphill when the wind blows in the right direction. Mountaineering in the regions of Alberta and British Columbia is a favourite winter activity for the individuals that admire testing their backcountry skills. Winter camping and Canadian ice climbing are also the challenging sports for testing all your skills.

While visiting Canada in winter you hardly think about fishing as the kind of winter activity. But you have to do it! Just remember that in early years the natives and European settlers had to go fishing for preventing the starvation. So nowadays a great number of people prefer ice fishing as one of the primary winter activities in Canada.

Without any doubt Canada is the best country for visiting in winter where you have to possess only two requirements – the spirit of adventure and perfect warm clothing. Canada is the country where you can organize skiing or ice skating, bobsledding or tobogganing. This is the country for everyone! Just remember that your physical health and your mood depend on the way you spend your life.

Spring Activites

Canada is famous for its spring activities as well. After ice melting Canadians start wandering out from the winter hiding place for celebrating the warm weather and for planning their spring activities in Canada. There's nothing quite like springtime. This is the time for Canadians to enjoy the nature as fauna and flora awake from the winter sleep. The new unforgettable season of fun is opened!

Bird Watching in Canada

In spring you can observe the great migration of different species of birds. Canada geese begin fighting for their territory in order to occupy the place for their summer offspring. Different types of waterfowl are used to make the way north in order to set up their nesting grounds in summer. One of the most famous kinds of spring activities for bird lovers is considered to be the journey to Point Pelee.

Fishing in Canada

Canada is famous for its rivers and lakes, so the anglers try to store all their fishing gear for participating in their favourite activity. In spring the season is opened for various species of fish in Canada.

Fly fishing for trout and salmon begins in spring as the spawn is taking place just in this time.

Walleye fishing is opened around the third week of May extending through the summer. Other spring activities connected with fishing include: trout fishing bass fishing, salmon fishing

A lot of people like to unfurl their sails before the crowd arrives. Also you can put on your wetsuit and head to the surfing or windsurfing. When the snow melts it can create the best conditions for such kind of activity as whitewater rafting.

Cottage Rentals in Canada

Avoiding the crowds and enjoying a peaceful holiday may  be reached by renting the vacation home in the springtime. The beaches are empty in the spring as the water in the rivers and lakes hasn’t warmed up. This is the best time to experience spring coming to life while renting a new houseboat.

Watch the Wildlife in Canada

One of the ways of enjoying spring activities is to watch the land and marine wildlife. You can enjoy whale watching when orcas are making the way north in order to feast on migration salmon. Also you can take an exciting vacation with bear watching when bears are making the way to the rivers and streams for filling themselves after winter hibernation.

One of the most favourite spring activities is considered to be golfing. Canadians polish clubs, try out the newest equipment from the local golf supply stores. The family activity in Canada can include the trip to the Canadian golf course for brushing up on their putting skills.

The true beauty of the Canadian spring can be observed from the air. You have the chance to enjoy the trees and plants bringing the life to the Canadian landscapes. When flying in the plane is a bit boring for you, you can try skydiving or hot air ballooning.

Summer Activities in Canada

Canadians adore their summer. You have three-four months for participating in different summer activities.  If you want to overcome all fears testing your limits you can choose one of the following activities: flying, bungee jumping, ballooning, skydiving, surfing, scuba diving, kayaking, rafting, windsurfing, wilderness camping, backcountry camping, mountaineering, mountain biking

One of the favourite summer activities is considered to be bungee jumping. You’ll certainly love all the beauties of the Canadian natural wonders when you see all of them. If you don’t know in what way to fly you can visit the special training at the certified flight school. There are a great number of people in Canada that adore skydiving.

If you enjoy kayaking or water rafting you can navigate powerful Canadian rivers and observe the most gorgeous landscapes in the world. Scuba diving helps you with exploring all underwater sights. The Great Lakes located in Canada are the best place for wreck diving.

Such destination as surfing is connected with the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The Great Lakes are similar to the inland seas. Eastern Canada with its northern regions is good for camping and climbing. While being in the mountains you may try mountain biking.

For the Fisherman and Hunter

Canadian hunting begins as the rule in the late summer. Special hunting associations exist in Canada and you can also become the member of the Canadian hunting camp.  A hunting expedition can include: Canadian deer hunting, caribou hunting in Canada, Canadian migratory bird hunting, Elk hunting in Canada

Fishing is considered to be one of the most popular kinds of activities in Canada. The technique of fishing is taught from generation to generation. People enjoy fishing. To hire fishing charters, to take to the air and to head to a fly-in fishing camp is the attempt to bring the biggest fish to the land.  Famous fish species include: walleye and pickerel fishing, Canadian bass fishing, Canadian trout fishing, salmon fishing in Canada, spear fishing and bow fishing, fly fishing in Canada

For Nature Lovers

Canada is a paradise for nature lovers. Here you can admire the crystal clear rivers and lakes, lush valleys, soaring mountains. The wildlife of Canada is the ideal way to experience the unknown sides of nature. You can choose the following summer activities: Canadian whale watching, bird watching in Canada, pick your own berries, U-pick apple farms, polar bear cruises and bear watching, Canadian peach picking, sightseeing tours, horseback riding in Canada

For the Water Enthusiast

If you’re fond of water activities, then Canada won’t disappoint you. No matter where your location is, the body of water is always close to you. Summer activities comprise: yachting in Canada, Canadian canoeing, boating destinations, Canadian beaches, sailing in Canada, houseboat rentals

Summer camping

Camping is the best kind of activity for many families. Camping in Canada can be organized in the traditional manner in a trailer or in a tent at one of the campgrounds dotting Canada. Other families prefer vacation homes located in the cottage countries in order to get the rest and relaxation. For entertaining the kids you can go camping closer to the amusement park. In order not to settle in one place you may choose RVing in Canada.

For the Active Type

The best golf courses can be found in Canada. Hiking, cycling, backpacking are available throughout the whole country. Active summer activities in Canada comprise: Canadian driving ranges, golfing in Canada, Canadian trail running, Mini-Putt,  jogging in Canada, hiking in Canada, Canadian backpacking, Canadian cycling   

Fall Activities in Canada

The perfect time for enjoying the travel is autumn. The leaves are changing their leaves while the heat of summer is slowly drifting away. It’s the time to plunge into fall activities.

Fall Fishing

Fishing is not only associated with the spring activities, it extends till the autumn.

Early autumn in Canada is the last chance to get on a flying-in fishing trip. Take into account the snow flying early in the northern regions.

The following fish species can also be available for fishing in the fall: walleye and pickerel fishing, Canadian bass fishing, Northern pike fishing, lake trout fishing, perch fishing, muskellunge fishing

A monster catch can be taken to the taxidermy for its mounting. The catch like this deserves to be hanging on the basement wall. You have to know all the regulations of the area if bow fishing or spear fishing are your interests. In many areas it’s forbidden by law just completely, in other area some species can be hunted.  

In the air

It's nice to view the landscape from the air as the leaves change color. While flying in Canada in the northern region or over the mountains that are in the west you can see all the beauties of the changing landscapes. Hot air ballooning can provide you with a beautiful view of the landscapes at a much slower pace. Don’t forget to take the camera.

Skydiving in the fall is the best activity for those who like the adventure. Thrill seekers can also choose bungee jumping.  

Fall Hunting

Fall hunting is one of the most famous kinds of fall activities in Canada. Hunting outfitters start gearing up in late summer in Canada. Hunting associations can inform you about different hunting regulations. Hunting as the kind of activity is passed from one generation to another. The northern part of Quebec, Newfoundland, Labrator are considered to be the best places for caribou hunting. Deer hunting and moose hunting are popular all over the country. Hunting for migratory birds is also widespread in Canada.

Saskatchewan is famous for its goose and duck hunting as well as other waterfowl. The Atlantic and Pacific coasts are also perfect for migratory bird hunting and for spectacular scenery. If you want to go for bear hunting you may choose the black bear hunting or the trophy grizzly hunting. The western mountain ranges of Canada are also famous for hunting.

Fall Nature tours

Fall nature tours are famous family activities in Canada. If you like cool weather then wilderness camping and backcountry camping are the best kinds of activities for you. If it’s rather extreme for you then take the comfort of sweet home with the help of RVing. Camping gives you the way to enjoy the beauties of the fall colors and to avoid all the crowds. Camping is something like the national pastime famous in Canada.

Sightseeing tours may include: cycling through wine country: Grizzly bear watching as they prepare for winter, whale watching in Canada

All these activities may be enjoyed from the inexpensive vacation homes that can be rented as the summer is over. For those who prefer doing their mountain climbing when the weather is cool, autumn is the perfect time of year. But you have to remember that the snow squalls may happen at any season so be prepared.

To set out on the hiking trail for fall nature tour can be the ideal way for getting up closer and for being more personal with the wildlife. Trail running, horseback riding, backpacking and mountain biking are also Canadian fall activities you may enjoy in the wilderness.

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