Fishing competitions as a kind of recreation are very popular nowadays. These competitions are based on the biggest total weight of a definite species of fish which is caught within a given period of time. This activity has been converted from a local fishing contest into a large competitive circuit and it’s very popular in North America. Competitors are often professional anglers supported by a commercial endorsement. If the fishing is conducted from land it can involve only individuals, teams are involved if it is conducted from a boat. According to the fish’s species and weight a participant receives definite points. Also more points are yielded to those who use weaker thinner lines. The boat or team with the most points win in the competition.

Methods of sport fishing vary according to the targeted species, the fished area, the strategy of the angler. It may be an aristocratic kind of fly fishing in Great Britain or a high-tech method of chasing tuna or marlin. Sport fishing is obviously conducted with hook, rod, reel, line without any nets. The most common game fish in salt water are tarpon, tuna, sailfish, shark, mackerel and marlin. In the USA freshwater fish comprises catfish, bass, redfish, snook, salmon, pike, walleye, muskellunge and trout. Nowadays with the aim of protection recreational types of fisheries all sport fishermen have to tag and then to release the fish. The fish is fit with a special tag in order to record statistics and then this record is sent to a local government agency.