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You can find only one place on our Earth that displays nature in its beautiful colors, this place is known as Africa. It’s the second biggest continent and the second most populated after Asia but it still holds its natural essence in all aspects. With the equator cutting right across its middle, the wonderful tropical climate is experienced with amazing tropical life ranging from plants to animals.

Each country in Africa is unique and it possesses countless adventurous activities. Here you can get acquainted what some of the African countries have to offer.

For water sports fans, the great Victoria Falls is a great destination. Residents call it the Vic Falls. Professional agencies provide trained crews to take you through a remarkable experience in:


Bungee jumping

White water rafting

Horseback riding

Parachute riding

Helicopter riding

You can visit Tai National Park. For mountain climbers, the best way to test your skills and to satisfy your thirst for thrill is to scale the heights of Mount Nienokoue which records a height of 396 meters. If you are not a skilled climber, the professional tour crew assigned to your will teach you how to go about it.

Tai National Park has managed to maintain its glory as a World’s Heritage since 1982. It holds this title for being the largest virgin rain forest in West Africa. While visiting Tai, you will get a chance to see more than 100 types of forest animals including chimpanzees, forest buffalos, duikers, elephants and the famous bongos in their natural habitat. Remember to inhale the calm, pure and fresh air at the top of its mountain as you enjoy the unlimited view of the plains below that are really considered to be the astounding green sea of vegetation.

While travelling in Africa you can visit Egypt also known as the Pharaoh’s Kingdom. It is the place where Jesus is said to have set foot in Africa and it’s the home to the Red Sea, a Biblical feature. You can find the city nearby the Red Sea known as Hurghada. Millions of tourists flock there for its famous tour known as the Snorkel Trip. This trip offers a spectacle of coral reefs and the coral reef ruins too. Among them there are swarms of colorful fish that seem to bring life to the coral ruins. The Snorkel trip is a full day full package that includes Egyptian meals and drinks as well. This costs about 30 Euros per head.

For trekking and camping fans, there is no better place to experience all terrains other than Cameroon. Be it mountain trekking, forest trekking or high altitude trekking, this is the best destination. The Bamenda Hills, Mount Cameroon, Rumasiki area and Lobeke Forest are just a few of the trekking destinations in Cameroon. Did you know that Kenya is the motherland of President Obama’s ancestry? Well, now you do. It is also the home to the world’s champion athletes. These are just a few of the many feathers on its cap.

The 2nd highest mountain in Africa Mt. Kenya possesses the most unique features. For mountain climbers who really enjoy varying vegetation there is no better place than this one. There are hotels and resorts along the climbing trail, something that makes it fun to climb even with a group. You can find fountains of the purest and most natural water just closer to the peak that revitalizes the entire body. Most tourists drink and carry home some of this sweet water as souvenirs!

You can also get acquainted with other mountainous destinations such as the famous Aberdare Ridges, Mt Elgon and the volcanically active Mt Longonot. These features are great geographical sites to behold and to appreciate earth formations. Uganda is the home to the greatest fresh water lake in the entire African continent, Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria is the main source of the River Nile which also happens to be the biggest and the longest river in the world. For a chance to see massive water bodies and giant ridges such as the Ruwenzori Rindge (Mountains of the Moon) you need to organize the tour to Uganda.

Morocco is a tiny country with huge mountains. If you have ever wanted to see the trek or even to challenge the height of the famous Atlas Mountain Ridges, you can go to Morocco and to find its highest peak Jebel Toubkal, 4167 meters high. Malawi is the only place in the world where you can see miles of flat grasslands and sand on the unbelievable Nyika Plateau.The Ankasa forest in the western part, Volta region near the border with Togo are the best places for trekking in Ghana.

Madagascar is an amazing island in the Indian Ocean just to the south eastern part of Africa. It’s located rather close to the African coastline. The penguins of Madagascar are almost as real as the ones in the movies. The rain forest vegetation across the Masoala peninsula is also unbelievable! You can access Madagascar by a ship cruise from Tanzania or Mozambique or much faster by plane. Have you ever heard about the white sand beaches of Madagascar? Well, this is your chance for an unforgettable honeymoon or a beach party. Its beaches are safe, fairly sunny and they’re all surrounded by cool shades of palm trees. There are a great number of five star hotels with wild bungalows in the north of the island for those who love the wild environment.

Senegal is a unique country with an extensive shoreline to the Pacific Ocean. The canary currents converge along its coast line. This makes it a suitable habitat for hundreds of fish spices including sword fish, sailfish, blue marlin, coryphées, African hind, grouper, red carp, wahoos, bluefishes, sting fish, sole, breams, serioles, badeches, Obrien, carrangues and moray.

Tourists flock to Senegal in June and October for the big game fishing. With more than five hundred types of fish to catch you can practice line fishing, casting and drag fishing, rapala fishing all year round. The Sine-Saloum Delta is considered to be the best place for all these types of fishing.

Africa is known for its mountains. The great Mt Kilimanjaro (5892m) is probably the most famous mountain in Africa. With its wide base and a sharp peak it’s a wonderful place to trek and to climb. There are six different routes that have been identified as the most adventures paths for climbing this mountain. They are: Mweka and Umbwe Routes, Shiras and Rongai Routes, Machame and Marangu Routes. The Marangu route is the most popular especially for its alpine huts that offer exquisite accommodation. With Machame route climbers have no option but to camp which makes its more adventurous.

As an amateur climber you don’t have to worry about anything because you won’t need a lot of technical equipment and the guides have the experience and the skill to guarantee your comfort, security and safety.

The main reason people come to Moshi is to climb this mountain. It can take more than a week to do a reasonable climbing and there is no easy walk. The landscape up there is fantastic. But even more pleasant place is considered to be the Kilimanjaro National Park, a home to more than 300 spices of wild animals living in their natural habitats.

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