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The first moment you arrive at the Seychelles you’re certainly under the impression of its diverse landscapes worth to be visited and explored. The most perfect pristine beaches can be found in only one part of the world called the Seychelles. Some beaches are framed by a granite boulder, others are covered by soft white sand and provide excellent opportunities for snorkeling, swimming or pure relaxation. To visit the Seychelles is to be acquainted with island-hopping as the Seychelles comprise 16 islands that offer different kinds of accommodation. You can rent a 5-star hotel or just a beachside bungalow.

While visiting Seychelles you receive an opportunity to observe national historical monuments, Creole buildings, marine landscapes, natural beauties beneath and above the water. You can get acquainted with different excursions, for e. x. the excursion on the glass-bottom boat, choose any kind of water sport you enjoy. Such activities as horse-riding, golf are waiting for you. You may have the nature tour in order to enjoy the rarest and most unusual species of fauna and flora on our planet. The Seychelles nightlife is also very rich. Here you can visit a casino, fine bars,  excellent restaurants, and offer international or Creole cuisine.

The Seychelles possess all facilities and well-developed infrastructure for travelers. As this resort is considered to be rather pricey, the quality is also very high. The rate of crime is very low here. Visitors who contribute substantially to the economy are welcomed all over the world.

The Seychelles is the place that offers a majority of activities for visitors being the paradise for all travelers!

Mahe Activities

When you arrive at Mahé Island, which is the part of Seychelles, you’re faced with a great amount of activities worth to be chosen. As the temperature ranges between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius the water remains warm all the time which is perfect for sea diving and other water sports. The white sand on the beach is perfect for different kinds of beach sport such as horseback riding and volleyball.

Game Fishing


Fishing is a famous activity among those who live on the Seychelles. This is because the majority of locals depend on fishing for their own livelihood. Being a tourist you can try to inspect the local catches or try yourself in the deep-sea fishing. You have the opportunity to hire a great number of services for these aims. There are fishing operators that can help you, Bluewater Charters Sey. Pvt. Ltd. is among them. You can hire their Riviera boat and sail just to the Praslin, La Digue or Silhouette Island. Deep-sea fishing gives a perfect experience when you want to observe all species of marine life that exist in the area. Dorado, Wahoo, sailfish, octopus, yellow tuna can be caught by you here.


If extreme adventures on the Seychelles are not perfect for you, then golf will replace them perfectly. The Seychelles Golf club is the most popular place here. It contains a nine-hole golf course which is available for all visitors. Each visitor can become a permanent member of this club.  The greens can be available for all visitors without any reservation, but only other than Sunday or Thursday afternoons.

Horseback riding

If you want to find a horseback riding centre on the Seychelles go to the island called Anse Cmitiere on the western part of Barbarons, where you’ll find a horseback riding centre under the title the Utegangar Riding Centre. Here you can find English-speaking trainers who can learn you riding Arabian horses. A horseback riding excursion is also available from 8.30 till 18.30 , but with the condition of booking a ticket.

Activities in Praslin

Praslin Island can provide you with different activities. Praslin is a perfect place for diving. That’ why if you’re fond of scuba diving it’ll be a perfect place for you. Diving may be organized here all the year round. You can take some help of special dive shops on the Seychelles in order to eliminate all risks. Snorkeling also can be experienced on the island with a bit of training.

Praslin is a real paradise for all birdwatchers. You can spot here very rare bird species, for e.x. a rare Seychelles Bulbul, a Black Parrot or a Fruit Pigeon.

You can take here a helicopter sightseeing tour, that will help you to explore all the beauties of Praslin island and other parts of the archipelago.

The services of Amical Charter will help you to organize deep sea fishing, sea expeditions, snorkeling or island hopping. The services of Amical Charter are worth money you’ll pay. Barbecue and soft drinks are also offered.

Such tour gide as Boismare Nature Guide can help you in organizing walks or tour guides in Praslin. Their staff will inform you about all the peculiarities of local culture and folklore.

Casino des Iles is an excellent place for those who like games. Here you’ll find excellent nighttime activities, but if your age is more than eighteen years. Tante Mimi Restaurant is located nearby Casino des Iles and is specialized in Creole cuisine.

V.I.P. Tour can help you to explore all corners of Praslin in a comfortable bus. You can have a visit to Anse Kerlan’s Aquarium, Pearl Gallery and to one of the most beautiful beaches of the world called Anse Lazio beach.


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