Biking (also known as bicycling or Cycling) is the riding of bikes (also cycles, or motorbikes) for leisure or as part of competition. In many countries, the bikes is also an important mode of transport, more so in Asia (especially in Southeast Asia) and Africa. In Europe, cycling is predominantly a recreational activity. The continent is very much the hub of cycling as a competitive sport, but modern Europeans are increasingly inclined to use the bike as a favoured mode of transport (from home to office – and back). Indeed, across the world today, the cycle is the preferred means of conveyance for many commuters.

Biking touring is the taking of self-contained bike trips for pleasure, adventure or autonomy rather than sport, commuting or exercise. Touring can range from single-to multi-day trips, to years. Tours may be planned by the participant or organised by a holiday business, a club, or a charity as a fund-raising venture.

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