The dirt biking community receives many benefits not only from the bikes, such as their off road and racing abilities, but also form the community, such as valuable user groups and the ability for servicing when needed. Not really considered is that dirt biking can be a family affair, not only does it give you an excuse to get out of the house but sharing bike rides with your children is a highly bonding experience.

The following are advantages to bringing dirt biking into the family:

  • Your child will learn hard skills:
    • riding dirt bikes is not easy so if your child loves a challenge this will certainly do that. Controlling the clutch, the accelerator, braking and turning take practice and will come in handy later in life.
  • Excuse to leave the house:
    • This is one of the best reasons, given the option to watch tv or ride a real-life motor bike I’m sure I know which ones the kids will pick. More than this dirt biking is a major form of exercise encouraging both you and your kids to use muscle groups you may not often use otherwise.
  • A chance to bond:
    • It provides a great opportunity to bond with your kids and give them memories they will remember for the rest of their lives. Completing a tough trail with a good time or with style is a great experience and shows how useful teamwork can be in all situations.