City biking is called bicycling, this term means using the bicycle as a transportation vehicle within the bounds of a city, be it for recreation, exercise, sport, etc. The most commonly used model around the world for city bicycling is the utility bicycle. These have frames with eased geometry, safeguarding the rider from rough shocks of the road and making ease to steer at low speeds. They tend to be equipped with accessories such as lights, mud flaps, and pannier racks. Various countries rely heavily on bicycle transport and have a culture that posits the bicycle as a primary vehicle even ahead of cars. The Netherlands and Denmark have more bicycles per capita than any other country and this is the preferred method of daily transportation there.

Cities such as Barcelona, London, and Paris have developed unmanned bike rental stations to help people get around the city. City bikes that are locked into docking stations are spread around the city and are released from there on payment that sets them for a short time period. Price is varied from one city to the other.

In the Netherlands, some roads commonly feature one or two separate cycleways by their side or cycle lanes marked along the road.