Cherish your time at the beach by kicking back and taking in the scenic views or getting involved in a wide range of exciting beachside activities.

By now, we’ve all heard of having a bucket list – a list of things we want to do or places we want to go in our lives. But being a beach lover I wondered, what are the activities everyone has to experience on a beach in their lifetime?

Are you ready to get your toes in the sand this summer? Here are some of my favorite beach-y things to do:

1- Jet Skis: Jet skis are a small one or two-person self-propelled water vehicle not too dissimilar from a motorbike in functionality, they shoot across the surface of the water and are operated by handlebars. Most people think of jet skiing as something they should only do on holiday yet there are thousands of locations that can introduce you to the sport. One of the easiest water sports to pick up and the fastest it packs quite the thrill ride that adrenaline junkies will love.

2- Kite Boarding: Kite Boarding is an extreme sport that combines many aspects of other extreme sports like: snowboarding, windsurfing, paragliding, skateboarding and sailing. There are both on land and on water forms of kiteboarding though the latter is referred to as kitesurfing, the boards can be used with or without feet straps. On land a kiteboard is used or if on the snow skis or snowboards can be used. Within the kiteboarding world there are different disciplines including freeride, course racing, freestyle, speed, big air, surfing, park and wakestyle.

3- Standup Paddle Surfing: Having evolved from surfing, stand up paddle surfing (SUP) – also known as stand up paddle boarding or Hoe he’e nalu in Hawaiian – the sport originated in Hawaii. It enables participants to move even farther in the ocean. The size and length of the paddle is of utmost importance in this sport with the general rule of thumb being 5-7 inches taller than the surfer.

4.- Blokart is a 3-wheeled kart, which is propelled by the air, using a sail that is quite reminiscent of sailing.

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