Having evolved from surfing, stand up paddle surfing (SUP) – also known as stand up paddle boarding or Hoe he’e nalu in Hawaiian – the sport originated in Hawaii. It enables participants to move even farther in the ocean. The size and length of the paddle is of utmost importance in this sport with the general rule of thumb being 5-7 inches taller than the surfer. This is known as a “shaka” length. Participants move by using the paddle, which is held with one hand on the handle and the other 1/3 down the paddle’s shaft while standing upright on the board. The hand on top of the paddle depends on the side on which the rider paddles on. This means that the right hand is on top when paddling on the left and vice versa when paddling on the right. To move, the paddle’s blade is pulled through the water approximately 2 feet ahead of the rider and the top hand moves in a punching motion.