Jet skis are a small one or two-person self-propelled water vehicle not too dissimilar from a motorbike in functionality, they shoot across the surface of the water and are operated by handlebars. Most people think of jet skiing as something they should only do on holiday yet there are thousands of locations that can introduce you to the sport. One of the easiest water sports to pick up and the fastest it packs quite the thrill ride that adrenaline junkies will love.

Jet skiing is not only for the thrill but also has lots of different health benefits. It greatly develops balance and coordination while working the cardiovascular system and providing a good workout for the arm, leg and core muscles groups. An average person of 70kg (154 Ibs) will burn 200 calories every 30 minutes on a jet ski. If these weren’t enough of an excuse to get started how many times have you seen someone on a jet ski looking sad?

It’s easy to get involved in jet skiing but we recommend everyone complete a training curse first just to ensure you have the ability to ride safely. As well as this if you were on vacation and wanted to jet ski without having to be on the back more and more locations require a certificate before allowing you to rent them. If you don’t live near the coast don’t worry, do some research as many water sport active lakes offer one- or two-day jet ski courses.