This is an extreme sport that combines many aspects of other extreme sports like: snowboarding, windsurfing, paragliding, skateboarding and sailing. There are both on land and on water forms of kiteboarding though the latter is referred to as kitesurfing, the boards can be used with or without feet straps. On land a kiteboard is used or if on the snow skis or snowboards can be used. Within the kiteboarding world there are different disciplines including freeride, course racing, freestyle, speed, big air, surfing, park and wakestyle.

The development of online markets for second hand equipment has made the access to reliable equipment much less expensive lowering the barrier for entry into the sport from newcomers. In addition to this the equipment is very easy to take around, the kites easily fold and the boards are usually much smaller than surfing or paddling boards, though bigger than skateboards. Kitesurfing is the least expensive and most convenient water sport for newcomers, it also uses more energy from a larger area by volume when compared to most sail sizes.