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The Middle East is the territory to the western part of Asia and to the north of Egypt. It is an epicenter of global influence and an ancient region jam-packed with exotic destinations. Principally concentrated on the extensive Arabian Peninsula, there are plenty of travel amazements in the stores for tourists that visit such countries as Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. You get a rare chance to explore the enchanting souks of the Gulf, visit the amazing stone city of Petra and marvel in the beauty of cosmopolitan Muscat in this captivating and tremendously gratifying region. While being in the Middle East, make your list of “must visit” destinations and you will go home a satisfied person.

The tallest building in the world - Dubai

Petra - just south of the capital - Amman

Caves, ruins and beaches - Lebanon

Pyramids, museums and beaches - Egypt

Doha fort, museum of Islamic Art, Doha Zoo and more - Doha

Museums, forts and Grand Prix - Manama

Camel races, museums and Kuwait tower - Kuwait

Holy places, archaeology, many cultures, war stories, - Israel

Byzantine and Ottoman Relics in Istanbul - Turkey

Prepare to experience the best of desert luxury on your holidays in the United Arab Emirates. The Emirates' approach to life resembles that of Disneyland. Most flights to the United Arab Emirates arrive in cosmopolitan Dubai, which includes a growing expatriate community attracted by its warm climate and ample work opportunities. It is also the home to BurjKhalifa, which at 829-metres became the world's tallest building upon completion in 2009.

If you want to quench you shopping thirst head straight to the world's largest shopping center. The Dubai Mall's 1,200 shops can't be covered in 1 day if you have a serious commercial appetite to satisfy. A day or two would be the best to ensure that you experience everything these shops have to offer. As a glorious way to wind up your shopping extravaganza, visit the famous Deira Gold Souk. This is a shopper's paradise and a shopping destination of its own kind.

Once the shopping is done, you can indulge in some of the numerous Dubai tours. Visit the Dubai’s stunning sand dunes for a spell of sand boarding, quad-bike riding or an unforgettable desert dinner under the stars. For skiing funs, be sure to try the 5 runs at the massive indoor Ski Dubai in Mall of the Emirates.

While visiting the Middle East, don’t forget the Jordan tours. These will make you feel like a modern-day Lawrence of Arabia. One of the most famous sites is to tower ancient Citadel, the home to the archeological ruins. From here, you will get a comprehensive view over the entire landscape. The Roman amphitheater is another site for you to visit while being in Jordan. This amphitheater was built in second-century AD and still stands out as a unique piece of ancient architecture.

Muslims visiting this region must not forget to pay a visit to Ahl Al Kahf, This is a famous cave and Muslim holy site featured in The Quran. While staying at Amman explore Jerash, which is considered to be one of the largest well-preserved Roman towns or the awe-inspiring Petra as an ancient city which is famous for its rock cut architecture.

There are abundant natural and contemporary urban wonders for visitors to explore during Israel holidays. These range from soaring mountains to sparkling beaches. Some of its best tourist attractions include the Masada desert mountain fortress, Tel Aviv's vibrant nightlife scene, the salty waters of the Dead Sea, Eliat's coral reefs, Red Sea beaches and the seaside Caesarea National Park, featuring extensive Roman ruins. These date back to the era of Herod the Great.

Oman is an excellent starting point for exciting travelling through the Middle East. With 33 different islands, scuba diving is one activity that you have not to miss while visiting Bahrain. After a long day outdoors, you will definitely need a swim in the crystal clear hotel pools.

Many beaches are privately owned but on the list of free beaches you may find Amwaj, popular Jazayirand, recently opened Jarad Fort.

As the capital and the home of the largest international airport of Iran, Tehran is the best idea to start your Iran holiday. This energetic and chaotic city is the home to around 15 million residents. Attractions can be found everywhere, with glorious sites including Golestan Palace, the National Jewels Museum, the Milad Tower and Niavaran Palace.

Tehran is the ancient place worth to be explored. You may visit Naghsh-e-Rostam, the ancient necropolis with a towering rock serving as the tombs of Darius the Great and three successor kings.

Isfahan is one of the most interesting Iranian cities and the perfect center of Islamic culture. You may visit the Shah Mosque, the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and Ali Qapu Palace. Isfahan’s beautiful assortments of bridges running across Zayandeh River make it a fortunate tourist attraction. Hamadan, one of the most ancient cities in the world, Shiraz, which is known as a former Persian capital with a rich history and the desert city Yazd are all-inclusive heritage of Iran.

Leisure destinations in Middle East

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