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Most people consider Australia as a continent on its own but in reality it is just one of the many continents geographically referred to Oceania. Oceania is actually a region which is made up of a great number of islands in the Central and South Pacific Ocean. Oceania includes Australia as the smallest continent compared with the total sizes of land area. The largest part of Oceania can be found in the Pacific, which is known as the vast body of water larger than the total continental landmasses of the Earth in general. Oceania is dominated by Australia.

Two other landmasses of Oceania are the micro continent of Zealander, which includes New Guinea, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Three other island regions are the part of Oceania: Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia (with the U.S. state of Hawaii).

Australia is heavily endowed with unique plants and animals that can’t be met in any other corners of the world. Australia is a real paradise for those who like outdoor sports. You can enjoy surfing as well as skiing there. The Snowy Mountains create the best ski conditions during the winter months. Great Barrier Reef is an excellent place for scuba diving and snorkeling, so the divers from the whole world try to visit these places. You can enjoy other outdoor activities in Australia:

- Biking

- Fishing

- Scenic hiking

- White water rafting (the Tully River)

- Four-wheel driving along desert outback

- Skiing (the Victorian Alps)

Australia is known all over the world for its beaches. You can visit Four Mile or Mission Beaches. Broomeâ Cable Beach or Cottesloe Beach are also perfect for the rest.

You have to visit the Blue Mountains while visiting Sydney. One of the way to explore the natural beauty of Australia is to go bushwalking.

The Southern Alps that are in New Zealand can offer perfect skiing and mountaineering. The lower slopes of the Southern Alps are excellent for trekking in the temperate and subtropical rainforests. Swimming or boating can be organized in beautiful harbors and lagoons. The coasts of New Zealand are also perfect for surfing.

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