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Asia occupies about 9 percents of the surface of our Earth being the largest continent in the world. Asia is the most populated continent as well. Its population has greatly influenced the development of the continent due to the availability of cheap labor. Asia is located to the east of the Eurasia continent. The Saudi Arabia peninsula is also the part of Asia where you can find the oil rich countries such as Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. The continent also comprises the manufacturing centers of Japan, India and Hong Kong that are considered to be the leading banking and corporate headquarter centers.

The unique landscapes of Southeast Asia with their limestone cliffs make it a sanctuary for rock climbing enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner or a proficient rock climber, the opportunities for rock climbing in this region are fantastic. In all regions, be it Thailand, Vietnam or Laos, you will be rewarded with wonderful landscapes and professional instructors.

You can see entirely another world just beneath the waters of Southeast Asia. It’s almost untouched in comparison to the well-known routes on land. The warm and clear waters and exquisite corals are graced by aquatic life of all forms and colors making it a spectacle worth your time.

For a white water sporting experience visit the Southeast Asia rivers during the season of rains. At this time the rivers swell and speed down against the banks foaming and rushing to raise your adrenaline level by just looking at them.

You can see a great number of rivers in Laos. The Nam Song River is the most famous river among backpackers. Here you can find trapeze swings, zip wires receiving the ability for floating down in a rubber tube. The Nam Ha River is the place with the variety of calm spots and white water thrills being the perfect place for kayaking and rafting.

To the North you can find Ha Long Bay that is located in Vietnam. This is a wonderful place for going kayaking. Many tourists have labeled it as the picnic beach.

While visiting the Philippines you can enjoy rafting the Cagayan de Oro River that is on the island of Mindanao. Kayaking, white water rafting and river trekking are exciting activities for the adventurous people.

If you have never ridden the back of an elephant you are in the best place to try it. Elephant trekking is the activity worth to be tried in Southeast Asia. While flying from Bangkok, you can visit Chiang Mai which is one of the most popular places for elephant trekking. While being in Thailand you can visit the eco-tourism orientated elephant parks, where perfect care and good conservation provide a happy and sustainable future for captive elephants. This is a great way to help save rare animal spices.

If you dream to steer a sailing yacht just over the ocean Captain Jack Sparrow style you can do it in Thailand. You can also visit Ang Thong National Marine Park which is the archipelago of 42 islands, being populated by colorful birds, monkeys and exotic plants. The Philippines with 7,107 islands provides an overwhelming opportunity for marine adventure.

Trekking doesn’t need some special skills or equipment. You must only possess the desire to overcome some hardships. The Southeast Asia is full of incredible sights worth to be investigated. For sure you can’t afford to miss the investigation of spectacular volcanoes in Indonesia. You’ll never forget the steaming crates of volcanoes rising into the clouds and the unbelievable landscapes below.

If you want to investigate the culture of hill tribe people you can go to Northern Laos and visit the town of Luang Prabang. There you can get acquainted with the surrounding and the live of the Khmu hill tribe people. If you wish you can also investigate the lives of hill tribes in Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. Cambodia is the best destination to experience a virgin countryside.

You can find a great number of schools in Asia that offer the knowledge about mediation, yoga, detox, some kinds of holistic therapy. The town of Chiang Mai in Thailand is a famous center of meditation and yoga as more and more people seek to relax their minds after a long day trek. People also flock to the town to get to know about Buddhism. About 300 temples can be found in the town. Meditation and relaxing in beautiful surroundings is a wonderful way to inhale the fresh air from this ancient city.

Leisure destinations in Asia

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