Modern activities and places in Arctica and Antarctica

Leisure destinations,activities and places in Antarctica and Arctica

The Arctic region is found to the north of Europe close to the North Pole. Due to its extreme temperatures, it is scarcely populated with its residents living in small villages. Despite the cold environment, locals are very welcoming. There are lots of great things to see in this region. North Calotte is always full of unforgettable views, from majestic creeks to snowy fells.

As most of its land mass is unoccupied, tourists visit the Arctic to experience its original wilderness and to wander in its natural and serene environment. During the polar night you can get a chance of watching the Northern Lights that play in different colors across the dark sky. Arctic landscape is also full of surprises ranging from the taiga forests in the southern part of the Arctic to the treeless tundra that is in the north.

While visiting some small villages in the Arctic you can get to know all the peculiarities of the northern forest. Huskies can help tourists organize the perfect and convenience adventure.

Autumn colors of the vegetation in the Arctic are always brown, yellow or red. The brief summer’s harvest ripens in the autumn. The beauty of snow-loaded trees is appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts. In Lapland, there is a noticeable difference between four seasons.

In winter you can feel the atmosphere of the polar sunset which possesses calm effect after the day routine.

The Arctic conditions are rather severe but the locals are good adapted to them.

Reindeer herding is considered to be the traditional livelihood, still practiced in Lapland. The brilliant colors of the Arctic autumn reward hikers generously. When you observe the returning of the whooper swan to the Arctic it is a real sign that the spring is coming. The time of the Midnight Sun is the period when the sun doesn’t set. It starts in April or early May.

The Saami people are friendly and proud of their roots. They always introduce their culture during the festivals and these events are worth to be seen. This people prefer arranging reindeer safaris and showing visitors the peculiarities of the reindeer husbandry. In winter as the rule the reindeer are fed on the grazing lands.

Such territories as Northern Norway, Fell Lapland and Kiruna can offer unique experience to explore nature. The outdoor activities are the best way to explore a definite region. You can arrange the snowmobile safari of any duration in the Arctic region. It can be a one-day trip or a long safari.

Guided free ride trips in Norway’s creek landscapes give you unforgettable experience. Also you can organize white water rafting and rubber raft in the summer. Some regions of the Arctic can provide you with comfortable hotels. During the night you can enjoy the silence of the forest and the Northern Lights.

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Explore Antarctica

Have you ever been to a place where you are surrounded by mountains of snow and bare blue ice? Antarctica is the best destination for snow adventures and skiing. This continent is located to the south most part of the earth. Essentially, part of it lies in the South Pole.

Despite its extreme temperature, 5,000people are permanent residents of the continent. The people feed on its plants and animals though there is not much variety to choose from. They move about in zodiacs and kayakis.

For tourists, we recommend to use kayakis. With their smooth and quiet navigation, you will be able to penetrate more areas than you would with the zodiacs. You will also be able to approach wildlife without disturbing its peace. From the waterline you are guaranteed to organize the personal view of the continent’s wildlife.

You don’t have to worry if you have never handled a Kayakis before. The crew of expert skiers and life savers will be there to help. All you need to bring with you are a pair of warm gloves to warm your hands, a warm hut and a pair of socks because Kayaking can get really cold with nothing but a layer of plastic between the freezing water and your feet. A camera would be a great idea to capture the best moments and some sunscreen will protect you from the harsh weather. Your ship will provide you with a dry suit, a kayak and a life jacket. This is an adventurous tour that will give you a rare chance to explore places where only a few have had a chance to visit.

As you move to the interior, you will come across the sastrugi. These are wavelike snow ridges about 30mm high deposited by the winds as they progress towards the North Pole. This is a thrilling experience that will leave an indelible memory in your life. The best place for skiing is considered to be the lee of the hill. Mawson is one of such places.

Leisure destinations in Arctica

Leisure destinations in Antarctica

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