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Snowmobiling offers unfettered opportunities for ‘off piste’ adventures inside the Arctic Circle.


Prep the salopettes and wax the skis, because Bansko is Bulgaria’s most prized winter sports resort.

Fit, active and ready for a challenge?? Then a stint of cross-country skiing in Antarctica may just be the activity for you

The stunning Lyngen Alps are located in the Arctic Circle and encompass a mountain range that stretches for 90 kilometers to the border with Sweden.

In the winter, the Arctic region is a paradise for skiers and others who love snow and ice sports.

Meet the locals, learn about Greenland culture, explore Uummannaq, meet the dog sledding team, visit the dog farm, and play with them!

Greenland As A Local


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Discover how we ice fish in the winter, meet the local fishermen, ride a dog sled all the way to the fishing spot, and have dinner the traditional way.

Nestled between Lake Thun to the west and Lake Brienz to the east, Interlaken is one of Switzerland's most popular summer holiday resorts. In the center of town, Höhematte is a marvel of urban planning with 35 acres of open space



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Sharing the same latitude as central Greenland, Kiruna in Lapland is Sweden's northernmost town. It's also the chief town of the largest commune in the country, which borders both Norway and Finland. The midnight sun is visible here from mid-May to m

Have you been seeking a new kitesufing destination? This expedition offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to kite where a rare few, have ever kited before.