Discover how we ice fish in the winter, meet the local fishermen, ride a dog sled all the way to the fishing spot, and have dinner the traditional way.


Deep sea fishing is a unique and special way to experience fishing in Greenland. Here we fish at different depths, from 50 meters to 700 meters depending on the fish we are trying to catch. Sometimes we put a longline (around 300 to 600 meters depth) with over 500 hooks.

We’ll start our Ice Fishing & Dog Sledding Adventure tour, dog sledding all the way to our catching place. Usually, we’ll go to a place where the locals are fishing, so you can also see and learn from the experts. We’ll laugh, chat and share experiences while fishing and maybe even share a cup of hot tea or coffee with them too.

After ice fishing in the cold winter and our dog sledding adventure, we will take the caught fish make a delicious dinner, the traditional way. If we are lucky and fish cod, we will be able to make a few pieces of jewelry from the cod’s head.

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