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With its mild climate throughout the year, Mexico City is an ideal location for a variety of recreational indoor and outdoor sports ranging from walks to bike and horse rides, tennis, golf, cruising and water sports.


Adventure Sports

The city offers a diverse range of adventure sports for adrenaline junkies. One of Mexico City’s leading associations is the Asociacion Mexicana de Turismo de Aventura y Ecoturismo (AMTAVE), which consists of companies that promote tourism to rural parts of Mexico as well as eco-tours. As such, basic courses in adventure sports such as biking, caving, diving, hiking, paragliding, rafting and rappelling are offered by all members of the association.


Lucha Libre

Head to the large Arena de Mexico, which seats 17,000 people, or the smaller Arena Coliseo to enjoy a true—and free!—Mexican wrestling match weekly. The luchadores (wrestlers) fight guarantees a fight that will have you yelling in enthusiasm with the thrill of the action as you cheer on your favourite wrestler. The sport is as popular with visitors as it is with the locals.



Cycling is a favourite activity for both locals and visitors to Mexico City where mild temperatures and flat terrain offer great conditions for the sport. If you’re from an area that lies at a lower altitude, give yourself a few days to adjust to the higher elevation in Mexico City.



Another great way to discover the city’s landscape and incredible skyscrapers is to walk. If you prefer walking in less crowded areas, head to Iztapalapa to hike Cerro de la Estrella, which is located 12km southeast of the city’s downtown area. It’s an extinct volcano cone and worth to be investigated.


Horseback Riding

A popular tourist activity, horseback riding can be done through a variety of tour operators across Mexico City. Temperatures tend to be much higher in the afternoon, so we recommend organizing a morning ride when temperatures are more comfortable. You can also organize horseback riding in parks like Tlaplan Park at the base of Ajusco Volcano.


Horse Racing

Fans of live horse racing and sports events as well as gamblers should visit the Hipodromo de las Americas where you’ll find a number of races to enjoy from April to September. There are also a number of restaurants where you can enjoy a meal and relax.



The lush greens of the golf courses make it easy to see why Mexico City is gaining an excellent reputation around the world as a top destination for golfing. There are several interesting courses in the city that are sometimes included in the cost of accommodation packages, so check with your hotel if you’re interested in playing golf. However, there are a variety of facilities at golf courses—such as tennis courts and swimming pools—which make them perfect for family excursions.



Freshwater fishing can be done just outside of Mexico City. It’s also possible to do ocean fishing on the Pacific Ocean through a number of city tour operators.




Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean is one of the best activities you can do in Mexico City. There are numerous fantastic dive sports where you can view and interact with a range of marine life from tropical fish to sea mammals and more.



Snorkelling is a great compromise for people who are not fans of scuba diving, but still wish to explore the ocean. The world’s second largest coral reef is located in the Yuatan Peninsula and you’ll be treated to a diverse range of marine life.

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