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Leisure destinations,activities and places in South America

Welcome to South America! It is located to the south of US. Like in Africa, the equator just passes through the continent yielding a tropical climate. This makes its weather conditions more bearable than those in US. While visiting this continent you have the chance to search the local fauna and flora. The first people appeared in South America while migrating from North America. Also about 371 million of all residents are considered to be of European descent.

Most of the population is found along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts leaving great portions of the inland regions entirely wild. South America is the home to Andes Mountains which include the longest range of peaks in the whole world.

While visiting South America you can discover wide natural rivers or try to overcome Iguazú Falls by raft. Bird watching is also the activity worth to be tried there. The Mendoza River in Argentina can offer the perfect white-water rafting. The Mendoza River is filled with the snow that melts in the Andes during the summer. Rafting is possible all year-round, but of course the river is colder and at the same time calmer during winter.

If you’re in Bolivia you can try biking on one of the most dangerous roads in the world. This road descends nearly 1,800 m from La Paz to Los Yungas area. It’s narrow, unpaved and at the same time considered to be the most famous mountain-biking challenge. All the views are incredible, but staring at them for too long is not a safety option especially if you are riding or driving.

Pantanal is South America’s heritage. In this plain, there are hundreds of bird spices, alligators and large snakes are also met there.

Hang gliding is very popular in Rio. Hang gliding means running off the edge of a very high platform while having the faith in your skills.

Kayaking is also worth to be tried if you’re going to observe the Brazilian Amazon with its caimans and anacondas. Some of the Amazon waterfalls are safe for you to swim especially on daytime. After a good swim, consider suspending yourself about 60M high to enjoy the canopy view from the treetops as you wade off the tiredness of the day.

If you’re going trekking visit one of the most famous national parks known as Torres del Paine. It comprises long trails through the beautiful landscapes of meadows and lakes. The structure of the park is well organized with a perfect system of hotels.

The only chance to see the sea lions in their natural habitat is to go snorkeling in the Galápagos. When you’re putting on your snorkeling mask, the lions are swimming right up to you. Also you have the chance to see sea turtles, penguins and fish of all bright colors in these places.

Of course while visiting South America it’s worth to explore the Andes. For this purpose you can hike the Inca Trail. The most legendary trail is considered to be the trail to Machu Picchu which can show you the greatest attractions in the center of Peru. You can observe there Inca ruins and beautiful mountain sceneries. You can also find alternative treks such Ausangate or Salcantay that are in Cusco’s Andes.

The major part of Peru is covered with the rainforests of Amazon. Cusco is considered to be the gateway to the jungles of southeastern part of Peru. Also you can visit the Manu Biosphere Reserve or Tambopata National Reserve. Manu is considered to be less accessible place for tourists. But here you receive the chance to view the wildlife and to observe more than 1000 species of exotic birds.

Eco-travelers can go fishing for piranhas in Amazon and find pink dolphins, tapirs and caiman. If you’re going to view the jungles from a canopy walkway, it will be the best experience for you in the jungles. One of the best jungle experiences is viewing the dense forest from the heights of a rickety canopy walkway.

Scuba Diving in Los Rogues, Venezuela is an experience beyond anybody’s imagination. These places possess clearer waters with beautiful coral and marine life than compared to other popular Caribbean places.

Leisure destinations in South America

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