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If you want to receive unfoggetable impressions while touring, think of Europe. What most people do not know is that Europe is a continent on its own different from Asia. Located to the western part of Asian continent, Europe holds 7% of the world’s biomass. Despite its small size it comprises 11% of the world’s population.

The most iconic things about Europe are its gorgeous islands. Iceland, Sicily and British Isles are the biggest among them. The British Isles is a large island which is known as Great Britain and it’s a home to England, Scotland and Wales.

Europe is a home of diverse landscapes, mountains, lakes, meadows, beaches, towns and traditional villages. Its busy cities offer different lifestyles.

The Rila and Pirin Mountains of Europe have a great variety of exceptional wildlife. Tourists take advantage of horse riding routes and the hiking trails that define the access to the interiors of the nature’s purest reserves within these mountains. If you are a fun of hiking and festivals, you can’t afford to miss the best of the best in Europe especially in spring.

Europe’s Countryside contains marvelous sights and interesting activities such as bird watching, cycling, and horse riding. The sight is spotted by small farms, churches, museums, ruins and cultural structures that tell the story of Europe before Modernization.

Poland is one of the countries with a vast “Old Europe” area. To the north of Poland you can see the 14th century Gothic castles. The magnificent example at Malbork contains the last remnants of Teutonic Knights.

The Alps is a heritage of Europe too. Millions of both local and international tourists flock there every year especially during winter for sports such as snowboarding and skiing. During spring and summer cycling, mountain biking, climbing or hiking sports become a big thing for fun among locals and tourists as well.

Still in Europe you can visit the famous Black Sea while visiting Bulgaria. This country is easily accessible by sea, land or air and people visit it to explore its Black Sea coast that has wonderful beaches and scenic bays. Its capital Sophia has lovely parks, fantastic museums and historical architecture worth to be viewed. The simple life of its rural citizens is just amazing and even adventurous to experience.

Europe is not so expensive as some tourists assume. Portugal offers affordable accommodation and tourist destinations with a Mediterranean flavor. Lisbon and Porto are good examples of affordable five star destinations. Here you receive the chance to take a refreshing walk in the cobblestone streets. Algarve though more expensive than others is rated as the best coastal resort in this country.

Peneda-Gerês National Park in Portugal is a great place for hiking and biking. While being in this country be sure to visit Serra da Estrela Mountains to get an unforgettable mountain climbing experience and a rewarding view of the entire country from its top. You don’t have to miss out the legendary vineyard of Douro. Also you can enjoy sun-kissed activities like surfing and kite-surfing within its neighborhood.

You may have thought that cowboys are only found in movies. The truth is that they are real and you have a chance to become a real cowboy in Europe! The Sothern part of Italy is just the place for horse-riding. You can run through olive groves, ancient villages and coastal paths.

After the crowded streets of Italian towns you can visit Sardinia and catch the gentle beams of the midday sun. Here, you can try rock climbing, mountain biking or organize kayak trips.

A two hour drive north of Gothenburg and you ‘re in Dalsland, the Swedish Lake District. It is actually a number of interconnected lakes amid spans of forests. This area combines wild adventure, unlimited water activities and bird watching.

If you’re a hiker there is no better place for you than the Alps. The mountains build the great ridgeline that offers the marvelous views of lakes and valleys. You can go trekking there having a perfect accommodation in the mountain hut. While going trekking in the the Piatra Craiului National Park you receive the opportunity to see even wild wolves, lynxes, bears.

While visiting Finland, you don’t have to forget to watch the amazing northern lights of Finland. You can go to the most remote finish villages and search the sky. Also you can go hiking through the acres of wildness and pause for picnics.

Leisure destinations in Europe

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