With many similarities to motorcycles and All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), snowmobiles can generally carry two people unless they are specially designed for deep snow and mountain travel; these snowmobiles typically carry only one person. With the exception of a windshield, snowmobiles are not enclosed with continuous track(s) drive engines at the rear. Directional control is provided by the front skis.

Like other sports, there are World Championship Watercross or Snowmobile skipping races. These are held each July in Grantsburg, Wisconsin where participants race snowmobiles on pre-marked courses (like motocross) on water and without ramps.

Similar to motocross courses, the Snocross racing series is held in North America during the winter. The Northeast SnoX Challenge held annually in Malone, New York in early January is one of the largest in New England. The race is run by Rock Maple Racing with sponsorship from Malone’s Chamber of Commerce.

Ice racing is another snowmobile sport and it takes places on an iced oval track. Eagle River, Wisconsin, hosts the World Championship Snowmobile Derby each winter.

Alaska is the host to the world’s longest snowmachine race known as the “Iron Dog.” At 1,971 miles (3,172km),it  runs from Wasilla to Nome to Fairbanks.

Vintage snowmobiling is also increasing in popularity in both America and the Canadian prairies. It involves using vintage snowmobiles for racing.

Finally, the World Championship Hill Climb competition takes place annually in March at the Snow King Ski Resort in Jackson, WY.