Skiing is considered to be the type of the recreational activities or competitive sports in which the participants attach skis and travel on the top of the snow. Skiing is used not only with the aim of competition or recreation, but also with the aim of reaching some military purpose or traveling to the area with extreme snowfall. The International Ski Federation or the International Olympic Committee promote different skiing events.

          Alpine or downhill skiing takes place at ski resorts or dry slopes. The development of alpine skiing began in the European Alps. Freestyle and heliskiing are considered to be the subtypes of alpine skiing.

          Unfortunately some days of alpine skiing can be rather unsuccessful, when medical attention is required. The major part of all accidents, especially when knees are injured, is the result of user’s errors.

          Backcountry or cross-country skiing is one of the oldest forms of skiing, which appeared in Scandinavia as a way to travel over snow. This type of skiing is also known as Nordic skiing, where free-heel bindings attach not at the heels of the skier’s boots, but at the toes. Nordic skiing has the following sub-genres: ski touring, telemark, ski jumping, ski flying, cross-country skiing, ski mountaineering, skijoring.