Mountain boarding – an off-shoot of snowboarding – is still relatively unknown. A mountain board consists of a deck with bindings to fasten the participant to it as well as four pneumatic-tired wheels and two “trucks” for steering. The action sport originated in 1992 in the continental US, UK and Australia. Other board sport participants have begun designing and creating off-road suitable boards, which lead to the sport of mountain boarding – a term that was created by Jason Lee. The sport includes both downhill and freestyle boarding as well as racing with the first competitions organized in the US in 1993 and later (1997) in the UK. The All Terrain Boarding Association UK (ATBA-UK), which governs mountain boarding in the UK, was also formed in 1997. It is a non-profit organization that both promotes and represents the sport of mountain boarding. Part of its responsibilities include promoting the interest of participants, encouraging safety, offering training to participants, approving organized events, fundraise to host the annual ATBA-UK National Series. By 1998, the sport had attracted approximately 1 million participants around the world.