As a board sport, wakeboarding involves riding over the surface of water. With the use of edging techniques, participants are able to move beyond the wake or cut in quickly in the direction of the wake. By riding into and up the wake, riders can throw themselves into the air and perform jumps. Riders can also be towed by a motorboat at 30-40km/h (18-25 mph) to ride up a jump. The speed is dependent on the rider’s weight and speed comfort, type of trick and size of board. The year and model of the board can also affect this speed because not all boats are designed or suitable for wakeboarding. To improve his/her proficiency in the sport, a rider can make use of a rail bar known as a slider by approaching it and riding alongside it while maintaining his/her balance. From this, high jump tricks can then be attempted.

Although water rides are predominantly popular at amusement parks, larger fairs have also introduced them. These rides involve something or someone moving through a channel of water as progress is made on the course.