A road geek is someone who gets a serious thrill out of road trips and all things road-and-traveling related. Also referred to as a road buff, road scholar, or road enthusiast, the person prone to road seeking is not necessarily keen on the vehicles used for transportation, but rather instead, on traveling the road.

Their fanaticism for roads leads to aiming to specific goals such as getting extensive knowledge fo facts behind the roads they rode in and setting themselves goals to drive or travel on specific roads or highways at full light just for the thrill of it. Their knowledge is such that official publications can often seek out to known road geeks to have the background behind the road of interests explained to them.

Some activities road geeks enjoy:

Planning and taking trips where the destination is only an afterthought and what really matters for them is the road traveled.

Often taking pride in traveling whole extensive roads such as interstate highways, an accomplishment they often brag about and compare with other road geeks.

Taking pictures of road, highways, bridges, and road signs – sometimes taking the actual road sign with them.

Procuring and collecting old road maps.