Running is a crucial part of functional training in a sport and also a competitive sport all by itself. Often made up of various events which point is to cover the distance between the start and the goal while running as a test of endurance and speed. In some more active variations of the sport, elaborated obstacles and hurdles are placed along the track. The aim of the sports is to have the fastest runner to reach the goal in the least amount of time, being awarded the aptly named ‘1st place’ in the competition at their arrival. There are many variations of running competitions with marathons. Sprints, solo and team track race are among the most common.

Tourism and running have successfully merged and allowed tourists with a knack for staying active, giving the chance of seeing the city while running uninterrupted.

Mainly available in big cities with most located in Europe, the city itself has enabled running pathways to encourage walking for environmental purposes. And if it can be walked by it can also be run by.

Running routes going through the most important part of the city of Lisbon, Portugal, are a prime example of running sightseeing tourism. The 7 km running route enabled for it ends up in a castle with spectacular views from the top.

The city of Barcelona offers perhaps the most sight-filled running sightseeing tour experience available. Starting thought Old Town and its gothic quarters, segueing into El Raval’s Chinatown and ending in the surreal Gaudi Park filled with structures of delirious architectural design.

The aptly named Immigrant NYC tour offers a 4.5-mile running course that passes through district historically made famous by the immigrant culture that rose to prominence there, they include Little Italy, the lower east side, SoHo, Bowery, and Chinatown. If looking for less hustle and bustle the ‘village’ tour follows a quiet route through the trees of Greenwich Village. There’s also a tour of Williamsburg that ends on the Brooklyn brewery, surely not a sober affair. And finally, Central Park is always a classic option for runners.

In Rome, a 4-mile long tour starts at Castel Sant’Angelo, then follows the trail of the river Tiber, crosses the Cavour bridge into the mausoleum of Augustus, Piazza del Popolo, the Spanish Steps and the Trevi fountain, are among the sights seen there.  

Running Tours Melbourne offers a top selection of curated guided tours of the city via its park and numerous landmarks, such as MCG, Shrine, and the State Library. They also offer personalized tours to take you around spots you personally wish to see, there are also 6 miles run through the Dandenongs where kangaroos are occasionally spotted.

The city of Madrid now offers you to run through its largest public park, which happens to be ‘la  Casa de Campo’, the former residence of the royal family. The city center is also rife with sights to behold. Specific running sightseeing tours around the most famous neighborhoods of the city are also available.