Game that is played across a geographic area or locale is questing. Originating in America, the game is similar to the idea of letterboxing. Clues direct participants to sealed boxes like those used in a treasure hunt.

The first game of questing began when a treasure chest was placed by James Perrott at Dartmoor’s  Cranmere Pool in England in 1854. This form of recreation spread over time. Now, more than 5,000 treasures have been placed in and around Dartmoor.

In White River Junction, Vermont a special group set up a Valley Quest education program in 1995.  These program maps share special places in the Upper Valley.  Over 200 quests now exist through Vermont and New Hampshire having been created by historical organizations, scouting groups and schools. It has also spread across to other communities. For example, a South Shore Quests program exists in Hingham, Massachusetts as they do in Martha’s Vineyard and Keen, New  Hampshire.