If you’re looking for a family sport to use your exceptional compass and navigational skills in unknown and diverse lands and at a fast speed, orienteering is the sport for you. As a participant, you are given a topographical map to find specific points of control. The map is usually specially prepared for orienteering. This sport requires extensive navigational skills and combines specific modes of travelling, that determine the equipment required and the tactical approach of the participants. Each sport has its own competition rules and guidelines as well as logistics and design. In addition, there are numerous modes of transport that can be used for the focus of the orienteering such as: canoe, car, foot, mountain bike, radio, regaining, ski, micro and trail orienteering.

In way finding, people orient themselves in a particular space from which they navigate from one location to another. Traditionally, it encompasses the techniques that travelers used over both land and sea in search of unmarked or incorrectly marked routes. Among dead reckonining, astronomical positioning, maps and compasses, global positioning is the most recent. For most people, the objective of wayfinding is to travel from one point to another in the easiest possible manner. However, it can also involve things like recreational wayfinding whereby participations navigate an area simply for pleasure. Colour coding and clustering as also generally included in this.

While aggressive inline skating is still an event in the LG Action Sports Competitions, Asian X Games, and Montpellier Fise – among others – it was removed from the ESPN X-Games in 2005. Some of the larger competitions with which aggressive inline skating is involved are associated with WRS, but not all of them.

With several competition titles under their belts, Brian Aragon and Chris Haffey are largely considered to be the superstars of aggressive inline. Also you may know such sportsmen as Jeff Stockwell, Jon Julio, Richie Eisler, Alex Broskow, Montre Livingston, CJ Wellsmore, Mike "Murda" Johnson, Franky Morales, Chris Farmer, Pablo Skorpanich, Dustin Latimer, Soichiro Kanashima, Julian Bah, Sean Kelso, Roman Abrate, Mathieu Ledoux, and Billy O'Neill.