Turtles are seen as a marvel from the ocean, since they are reptiles, they need to lay eggs on land this presents an issue for them. They heave themselves on land, dig a hole and lay their eggs in it, this process takes up to a few hours normally and is exhausting for them. The eggs will hatch after around 55 days depending on the species and the baby turtles will have to make their way down to the sea. As if this journey wasn’t difficult enough, they have to avoid being eaten by hungry birds, crabs and other animals that coincide their migration with these events. Even when in the water they haven’t ‘made it’, there are lots of things that will consider a baby turtle a tasty snack.

Watching these creatures hatch and make a frantic dash to the water has become a popular tourist activity. It is a good opportunity for the tour guides to educate the tourists about turtle and general ecosystem conservation and how they can implement safe practices into their lives. Having lots of tourists around is both good and bad, good for it scares off any hungry birds trying to eat mostly endangered species but bad because a lot of people are not aware enough and nests can get damaged.