The universe is beautiful and has so much to offer for every level of tourism in the industry.

Some beautiful destinations such as beaches, tropical islands, national parks, mountains, deserts and forests play a big role as they are the most common for tourists to visit. Some cultural tourist attractions can include historical places such as museums, monuments, ancient temples, zoos, aquaria, botanical gardens, buildings and structures such as forts, castles, libraries, former prisons, skyscrapers and bridges. In addition, other destination sites include theme parks and carnivals, living history museums, public art centres, ethnic enclave communities, historic trains and cultural events. Industrial tourism involves touring factories, industrial heritages. Creative art and crafts workshops are the object of cultural niches. 

This involves an open-top, double-decker sightseeing tour bus and a guide. City Sightseeing has grown extensively with the development of cities. Some companies also use boats and trains for sightseeing.

Many cities have landmarked routes to showcase all the different sites and tourist attractions. By use of buses passing by the main tourist attractions and major landmarks tourists are able to enjoy different destinations while learning through a guide. Tourists are able to board the bus and alight when the ticket limit is reached.

This kind of tourism can be found in cities like New York City, Philadelphia and Sharjah. Tourist boats are also used in some cities like Moscow, Cape Town and Amsterdam. The United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and the United States are the countries with the largest number of cities with City Sightseeing service.