Sharks are some of the most dangerous marine animals in the world. A shark-proof cage is a metallic cage used by divers to safely observe dangerous marine life in its natural habitat. This includes various species of shark, such as the white shark and the bull shark. these cages are built to withstand shark bites, huge depths and any other attack coming from deep sea diving. They are constructed for the main purpose of protecting the user from any potential injury.


Shark cage diving is an underwater observation technic used mainly by scientist to observe marine life. The observer uses a protective cage designed to prevent sharks from making contact with the divers. Shark cage diving is also used in underwater cinematography and as a tourist activity. Sharks may be attracted to the cage by the use of bait in a procedure known as chumming. This process however has attracted scientific arguments in the fact that it probably changes the reaction of sharks with the diver’s presence in their habitat.

The protective cages are used in dangerous waters as a security measure. Their technology is applied particularly in staged decompression where the divers may be vulnerable while descending to specific depths for longer periods of time. The cages can also be used by divers in collecting sample organisms such as abalone.