Nature cruise tourism is one of the fastest growing segments in the travel and tourism industry. This kind of tourism can make a significant contribution to the economy. As cruise lines are increasingly looking for new destinations, cruise tourism can offer opportunities to developing countries with harbour facilities and an interesting hinterland.

During the nature cruises you can enjoy birdwatching of various bird species such as black ducks, hawks, and osprey. You can explore far-away countries and continents. Learn new cultures, experience thrilling adventures and breath-taking nature. Nature cruises involve relaxed days filled with exclusive experiences.

Tourists want to be engaged physically during nature cruises, they want to see nature, interact with locals and experience different cultures. These are things that cruise lines either do not consider or aren’t sure what locations are interesting. Here is a list of the places that the tourists can visit while achieving their aims of staying active, meeting locals, and seeing nature:

-           Alaskan cruise can have tourists exploring beautiful parts of southeast Alaska. Packed with activities like hiking up rainforests, kayaking in remote bays and cycling around glacial lakes. The tourists can enjoy the local flavours in the small community of Haines.

You can experience the beautiful picturesque oceanfront town of Sitka while walking through the Totem Trail. Local dances are performed in the ancient village of Chilkat Tlingit. Coupled with observing the abundant wildlife of Alaska which includes coastal bears, migrating whales, and the iconic bald eagle the experience is one of a kind.

-           a cruise to Antarctic Peninsular will have you mingling with penguins, hiking on the White Continent, and paddling around icy bays, and camping on Antarctica.

-           cycling in Burgundy on various beautiful routes through Burgundy’s rolling greenery and the famed Grand Cru vineyards. These beautiful biking trails offer an awesome experience.

-           experience the Ecuadorian culture on the mainland of Ecuador. It has to offer beautiful wildlife experiences with other options in the Galapagos Islands. Enjoy the warm hospitable Quito with fun activities such as hiking, snorkelling, and kayaking in the famous national park and marine reserve.

-           Seychelles offers amazing scenes of nature. With an option for other fun activities and relaxation. Divers and snorkelers can enjoy exploring Aldabra Atoll, a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site.

-           experience true beauty at Komodo National Park, the Pink Beach, traditional villages, and the orangutans of Borneo. This adventure will treat you to a variety of landscapes, cultures, and unusual wildlife while hopping from one island to another. Taking all the precious moments with you in your camera.