Dolphins are very intelligent and sociable animals. They live in groups that can range from very few to several hundred, working together to collect food, for protection, and caring for young ones.

Dolphins are easily accessible in their habitat. Due to their social nature, they can swim close enough for human interaction or jump out of the water as a playful gesture. They are some of the most liked marine animals because of their intelligence and playfulness. This makes them an interesting tourist attraction.

The most common dolphin species are the Common dolphin, the Bottlenose dolphin, the Striped dolphin, the Harbour Porpoise and the Risso’s dolphin. Other marine life you may come across sharing the dolphin habitat includes the Minke Whale, the Orca, sharks or sea turtles and several seabirds such as seagulls.

During a dolphin watching tour, you have a chance to observe these magical marine animals in their natural habitat. This is a general advice in the case of a dolphin watching tour:

-           bring comfortable clothes and a jacket. It can get quite windy out at sea on speeding boats. Even on hot summer days bring a coat to stay warm. A waterproof jacket might come in handy

-           carry water to stay hydrated since a tour can last a long time.

-           visit the washroom before the tour. This ensures that nothing interrupts your comfort.

-           there will be no shades or shelter at sea so bring some sunscreen cream to protect yourself from the glares of the sun.

-           bring your phone or camera to capture the moments and record memories.

-           have only controlled interactions with the dolphins. Though they may seem harmless, being thrown in the water and drowning is not an experience you would wish for.

-           binoculars will enable you to explore further distances from the comfort of the boat.

-           if you are prone to sea sickness, take sea sickness pills as there is no predicting the conditions out there.

-           always arrive 15 minutes before the departure. This ensures that everything runs smoothly according to schedule.