The spectacle of witnessing grizzly, cinnamon, brown and black bears has become world renowned for many tourists no matter their interests, there’s no better place to do it than British Columbia. In the Spring these beautiful giants emerge from their winter hibernation, sometimes with young, and head to the beaches and rivers where the hunt for salmon and socialise with each other. Boat tours offer a unique and safe viewing experience of the bears who can be witnessed hunting on most estuaries from the coastline. The boats whether on a more leisurely boat with a bar and a roof or in a Zodiac offer a fantastic memory and all have their on-board expert who is there to give you information and help you with anything you may need.

Canada is the other place world famous for its bears and surprisingly plays host to 60% of the worlds bear population, bear watching in this stunning environment is one of the best activities you can enjoy in the spring-early autumn period. If you have a guide or you yourself know where to look, there are many amazing opportunities to spot 2 of the native species (grizzly and black) from a close distance, though don’t get too close. The last native species of bear is the polar bear, though this species can only be seen in the higher latitudes and on much more rare occasion than its cousins, it is a wonder to behold.