This term is rather new for many of us. This is a perfect way of communicating with each other, of living and being together while walking.

          One of the biggest industries of the world connected with people’s moving is considered to be tourism. Excursions and trekking are provided by different organizations all over the world. The only way you can find the contact with nature which you have lost in a big city is to go trekking. In addition you are meeting and communicating with different peoples and their cultures. In such a way Social Trekking combines two essential things a man nowadays wants to possess: to communicate with others and to contact with the Nature. Surprisingly, but nowadays people want to possess these things while travelling to remote corners of the planet, exploring all unusual things around.

          As a rule the route of trekking begins in places that can be reached by planes, trains, buses. In such a way to reach Romania in order to trek you may use a bus, which takes you there and gets you home.

          In order to choose proper facilities try to find those who provide organic farming, the usage of renewable energy and seasonal food.

          Migrant walks and Wandering paths are entirely other items, but they are closely connected with the same theme.

          Migrant walks are for those who like to investigate megalopolises and their inhabitants.

          Wandering paths are trips you can have without any geographical routes or destinations, determined only by the hospitality of a passerby or a friend. Of course, such kinds of journey are rather extreme, but at the same time this is a unique occasion to meet and communicate with others, to see their lives and habits.

          We believe that Social Trekking will unite different people with their cultures and styles of live and one day will change our society greatly.