Parks are natural spaces consisting of grass, rocks, soil, trees and may even include some wildlife. Urban parks are the spaces set aside inside towns or cities for societal recreational purposes such as relaxation, games. In the countryside usually, there are national parks and country parks which are managed by sub-national governmental states and agencies. Some parks may contain monuments and artefacts, fountains and playground structures. For sports fans, parks have fields for soccer, baseball and football, and paved areas for basketball games. Other activities include, biking, walking or sitting on benches and enjoying the scenery. Urban parks are well landscaped with well-trimmed hedges, benches and picnic tables. Larger parks occupy thousands of square miles and are home to wild animals and various bird species. In such parks, camping may only be authorised through acquiring permits from relevant authorities and under the guidance of a park ranger. Depending on the climatic conditions, some parks may offer other recreation activities as skiing, canoeing and snow hoeing. Amusement parks are filled with various entertaining activities like live shows, fairground rides, refreshments and skilful games.